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What is the ODDS ON Reward Card? What is the ODDS ON Reward programme?
In 2008 Ladbrokes launched an exciting new reward programme called ODDS ON The ODDS ON Reward Card gives you points every time you bet in your local Ladbrokes betting shop. Points can be redeemed for FREE Bets at the till, or for FREE Play on Gaming Machines.

How much does it cost?
It's absolutely free You can pick up a card from any mainland UK Ladbrokes betting shop and start earning points straight away.

Do I need to register my card to start earning points?
No, you can earn points immediately without registering your card. However, if you lose your card, we cannot recover your points. For this reason, we recommend you register your card with Ladbrokes to protect your points in case of theft or loss of your card. Furthermore, your card must be registered if you are to redeem your points. You receive 1 point every time you stake £4 at the till in shop or 1 point for every £20 turned over on Gaming Machines in shop.

How do I find out my points balance?
You can visit a Ladbrokes shop with your card and a member of staff will be able to tell you, or it can be found on your betting receipt (points balance up until last bet). You can also check your points balance when you insert your card into a Gaming Machine. Alternatively, you can visit the balance check page on this website.

Can I take out a card anonymously?
Yes. You can begin using your card and earning points anonymously. However, to redeem your points for rewards you need to register your card.

How do I register my card?
You can register in your local participating Ladbrokes betting shop. To register, we need your name, date of birth and either email address, mobile phone number or postal address so we can update you with your points balance. We will also need your permission to send you the latest offers and promotions. Communication will be by Ladbrokes only - we will not pass your details on to any third party. If you prefer, registration is also available online here. If you already have an ODDS ON card and would like to receive the latest offers and promotions e-mail your Customer ID to oddsoncare@ladbrokes.com

Can I share my card with others?
No. Only members registered to a card may receive account information or engage in any transaction within the ODDS ON Reward Card programme.

Can I share my points with others?
No. Members cannot pool their points with other people.

Can I transfer my points for cash or for something else?
No. Points are not transferable for cash and can only be used to redeem prizes and free bets that form part of the ODDS ON Reward Card programme.

I have lost my card. What can I do?
Members are responsible for their cards. Cards that have not been registered in full cannot be replaced. Ladbrokes recommends members protect their points by registering their cards in full (full registration is providing your name, date of birth and either your email address, mobile phone number or postal address). You can register in any participating Ladbrokes betting shop, or at this website. Members who have registered in full can either get a replacement card in shop or receive a new card through the post; please ask a member of staff for further details or call 08007 314 171.

Can I use my card while betting online or through Ladbrokes telephone betting?
The ODDS ON Reward Card can be used online or through telephone betting but additional information may be required. For further details visit a participating Ladbrokes betting shop or call 08007 314 171. Note that you can only earn ODDS ON points for bets placed at the till or on Gaming Machines in shop.

Can I use the card on gaming machines?
Yes, points can be accumulated on any gaming machines in the UK

I am opted in to marketing communications. Who will be able to contact me?
At the time of registering you are agreeing to be opted in to receive marketing and promotional information. This will only come from Ladbrokes. We will never send your information to any third parties. If you would prefer not to be contacted, please contact our member call centre on 08007 314 171 or email us at oddsoncare@ladbrokes.com.

Earning Points

How do I get points?
Obtain a card from your local participating Ladbrokes betting shop, and pass your card to the Ladbrokes staff member when making your bet. It's that easy to start earning points

I have bet on a non-runner. Do I still get my points?
No. Points cannot be earned on any non-runners or void bets. Ladbrokes reserves the right to adjust a member's point balance where points have accrued as a result of malfunction, operator fault, misrepresentation, non-runners, cancellations, void bets or any other reason.

I have forgotten my card and didn't get my points on my last bet. Can I get my points later?
YES. Take your card and receipt to the shop where the bet was placed and our staff will award the points for that bet and update your points balance.

How long do my points last?
Points are valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date that they are awarded; once expired they cannot be reclaimed.

I have taken out an ODDS ON Reward Card but I now want to cancel it. What will happen to my points?
Members who opt out of the scheme forfeit all of their available points. Any opted-out members who re-join the scheme will not be able to reinstate any previously accrued points.

Do I get my points instantaneously after making my bet?
In principle, points are awarded at the point of placing your bet, but during busy periods this may take up to ten minutes.

Can I use my card at every Ladbrokes betting shop?
The ODDS ON Reward Card can be used in every UK mainland Ladbrokes shop. For a list of participating Ladbrokes betting shops call 08007 314 171

Redeeming Points

Can I redeem my points without registering?
No. You can only redeem points if you have registered. You can register in your local participating Ladbrokes betting shop or online here. Ladbrokes will not share any details with any third party.

How do I get my bonus vouchers and FREE Bets?
Simply hand you ODDS ON Reward Card to a Ladbrokes staff member and tell them what reward you would like (subject to points balance). They will then deduct the appropriate points from your card and give you your reward in the form of a printed voucher. In the case of Gaming Machines, simply insert your card on the terminal & follow the instructions on how to redeem your FREE Play.

Using your rewards

Can I use more than one free bet at a time?
No. Only one voucher can be used during any single bet.

Can I use someone else's free bet with my card?
No. Free bet vouchers can only be used by eligible cardholders in conjunction with their card, and can only be used once.

Can I split my FREE Bet into smaller FREE Bets? (E.g. splitting £30 free bet into two £15 free bets)
No. FREE Bet vouchers must be used in full on a single bet. FREE Bets cannot be split into smaller value multiple bets. Change will not be given for partial use of a FREE Bet.

I used my FREE Bet and won! Do I get my free stake back?
No, the stake will be removed from returns.

I have lost my voucher. Do I get another?
No. Once a reward voucher is issued it becomes the sole responsibility of the member. If it is subsequently lost or damaged prior to redeeming it cannot be replaced unless your card is fully registered. For more information visit our participating shops, email us at oddsoncare@ladbrokes.com or call 08007 314 171.

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