ODDS ON Reward Card Terms and Conditions

General Programme

Cards are issued subject to ODDS ON Reward Card Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions are correct at time of print and are subject to change. For more information about the Ladbrokes ODDS ON Reward Card visit our participating shops, call 08007 314 171 or visit our website www.ladbrokes.com/odds-on

  1. A customer can register to participate in the ODDS ON Reward Card Scheme by either completing the registration form (available in our shops) or speaking to a member of staff in our shops.
  2. Cardholders must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  3. In order to participate in the ODDS ON Reward Scheme, customers must provide Ladbrokes with at least one of the following: (i) a valid email address used by the customer; or (ii) a valid and active mobile phone number used by the customer.
  4. These terms and conditions are supplemental to Ladbrokes Shop Rules.
  5. The UK ODDS ON Reward Card forms part of a UK customer reward scheme. Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming Ltd ("Ladbrokes") reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the scheme, either in respect of the scheme in general or individual customers, at any time.
  6. Ladbrokes reserves the right to modify the points earning and reward structure of the scheme at any time.
  7. Use of the ODDS ON Reward Card constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  8. The ODDS ON Reward Card remains the property of Ladbrokes.
  9. In the event of a dispute, the decision of Ladbrokes management will be final and binding.
  10. Employees of Ladbrokes are not eligible to participate in the scheme.
  11. Ladbrokes reserves the right to revoke or deny any membership .
  12. Ladbrokes reserves the right to cancel and declare all points null and void.
  13. Only the individual cardholder is eligible to use the ODDS ON Reward Card to earn and redeem points. FREE Bets can only be redeemed by registered card holders only.
  14. Registered customers can start to redeem FREE Bets when they have earned enough points to reach a reward level
  15. By joining the Odds ON scheme customers are automatically opted-in to receive special offers & marketing communications. Customers can choose to opt out of communications by either texting the word 'STOP' to 86500 or replying to the opt-out link on any associated email communication. There is no charge levied by Ladbrokes for a customer to opt-out of email or SMS messages although standard mobile phone network operator charges may apply
  16. Only one membership of the reward scheme per person is permissible.
  17. Membership of the scheme is for individual persons only. Accrued points cannot be pooled with the points accrued by other individuals.
  18. All rewards, points and membership are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash.
  19. It is a Cardholder's responsibility to notify Ladbrokes of any changes to their details including but not limited to their change of name and address (see contact details below).
  20. Once issued, Cardholders are responsible for their cards. Unregistered cards and associated accrued points cannot be replaced.
  21. Ladbrokes will only protect a registered Cardholder's points from the moment the Cardholder's card is reported to Ladbrokes as lost. Ladbrokes bears no responsibility for points lost or used if a lost card is not reported.
  22. The UK ODDS ON Reward Card can be used to earn and redeem points when betting only over the counter and on machines in participating UK Ladbrokes outlets. The UK card cannot be used in Ladbrokes shops in the Republic of Ireland.
  23. All points, benefits and rewards are subject to system availability.
  24. All registration data and information relating to you will not be passed on or sold to any third parties. We may periodically transfer or disclose personal information, to our professional advisers and to such other parties as we consider necessary, for the administration of the rewards programme or if required to disclose such information by law.
  25. Entry by a cardholder into a Ladbrokes Self-exclusion Scheme will result in the cancellation of their ODDS ON Reward Card and forfeiture of the available points balance.
  26. Self-excluded customers are not eligible to participate in the ODDS ON scheme in any Ladbrokes shop(s) during a period of self-exclusion. Should they be granted entry to the scheme in error their membership will be cancelled and points balance forfeited when this is identified.
  27. The death of a cardholder will result in cancellation of his/her ODDS ON Reward Card and forfeiture of the available points balance.

Earning points


  1. Points are awarded at time of placing a bet at the till or at the end of a session played on Gaming Machines in shop. For over the counter bets, points can be awarded after acceptance on presentation of a valid ODDS ON card and a previously un-assigned betting receipt. For Machine bets, points can only be assigned at point of placement. Cardholders earn 1 point for every £4 spent on bets placed at the till or 1 point for every £20 played on Machines based on turnover. Turnover is calculated as the total amount staked on every transaction including re-invested winnings.
  2. An up to date point's balance can be viewed by pressing the Points balance and rewards button on the bottom right of the main menu screen.
  3. When redeeming a FREE Bet, a pop up message will appear on screen asking for confirmation. When the player confirms this transaction, free credit will automatically be added to the balance and the ODDS ON points will be deducted.
  4. The full value of the FREE Bet on a gaming machine must be risked before it can be withdrawn from the machine. Free bets are non-refundable.
  5. If customer tries to 'collect' or 'cash out' their free ODDS ON Bet before it has been risked a pop up message will appear on screen to warn them that they will lose free credit if they continue.
  6. ODDS ON points can be earned by the customer directly on a Gaming Machine or on over the counter bets (e.g. Horses, Football).
  7. ODDS ON points are not earned on bonus rounds/gamble features or redeemed FREE Bets / FREE Play.
  8. FREE Bets are obtained in exchange for points earned. The standard ODDS ON points FREE Bet structure is as follows: £10 FREE Bet - 1,000 points £20 FREE Bet - 2,000 points £50 FREE Bet - 5,000 points £100 FREE Bet - 10,000 points
  9. Additional promotional rewards may periodically be available at the discretion of Ladbrokes (e.g. £2 FREE Bet for 200 points)
  10. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the ODDS ON card is inserted at all times while playing on Machines or handed over to a member of staff when placing bets at the till. Points can be earned on any game on Machines and will be allocated depending on total stakes for the game played. Each whole point earned in a game session is added to the customer's balance. A session ends if the customer changes games, checks the points balance or ejects the card. Points will be earned for total stake in a session, even if this is made up of a small number of bets.
  11. Over the counter, points are earned for money staked.
  12. On the machines, points are not earned on bonus rounds or gamble feature on machines
  13. It is the customer's responsibility to retrieve their card from the machine at the end of play.
  14. Points may also be awarded as a result of promotions run by Ladbrokes.
  15. Ladbrokes reserves the right to adjust a cardholder's point balance where points have accrued as a result of malfunction, operator fault, misrepresentation, non-runners, cancellations, void bets or any other reason.
  16. Points are valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date that they are accrued, expired points cannot be reclaimed at any time.
  17. Cardholders who choose to close their ODDS ON Reward Card forfeit all of their points.
  18. Any Cardholders who rejoin the scheme will not be able to reinstate any previously accrued points.

Redeeming points


  1. Points can be redeemed over the counter and on gaming machines in participating UK shops.
  2. Cardholders can only redeem points if they have registered their ODDS ON Reward Card.
  3. Points will not be awarded for bets placed using a Bonus or FREE Bet, or for redeemed Free Credit on the machines.
  4. Reimbursement of points for machines Free Credit and FREE Bets placed on void bets is at Ladbrokes discretion.


  1. Where points are redeemed for FREE Credit on machines, the value of the redeemed credit must be staked before it is cashed out.
  2. On the machines, all redeemed FREE Credit must be staked before another reward can be redeemed.
  3. Redeemed FREE Credit on the machines will be lost if a customer ‘cashes’ out or ‘collects’ when Free Credit still exists on the machine.

Over the Counter

  1. Only one FREE Bet or promotion can be redeemed or used on any single or accumulator bet.
  2. In the case of winning FREE Bets, the original "Free stake" will not be returned to the cardholder, only winnings accrued.
  3. FREE Bets must be redeemed at the point of placing a bet.
  4. FREE Bets must be used in full on any single or accumulator bet. FREE Bets cannot be split into smaller value multiple bets.
  5. Once a FREE Bet has been issued it becomes the sole responsibility of the cardholder. If it is subsequently lost or damaged prior to redeeming it cannot be replaced.
  6. All FREE Bets will expire 28 days after the date they are issued.

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